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Kristin Moreland, LPGA Teaching ProfessionalOne of the most important components in learning is feedback. Participating in a lesson series allows students to integrate the learning over time. Recieving feedback from the instructor helps restructure the old pattern into the new or desired pattern.

The lesson series programs are structured to help students get the most out of their instruction. Students can decide if they want to learn in a progressive series, i.e., putting first, then chipping and pitching, then mid-irons, etc.. Some students prefer to repeat instruction on the areas of their game that are giving them the most trouble. Either way, the lesson series is an economical way to get the needed instruction, and enough of it!

There is a significant difference in the fee per lesson between my individual private lesson and my lesson series price. I firmly believe that students benefit most when they have more than one instruction session. It is important to me that my students see the change they desire as a result of instruction. You have heard the old saying "Practice makes perfect"; the reality is that "Perfect practice makes perfect"! Spending more time with your instructor gives you a better opportunity to have perfect practice - the lesson package makes it affordable.

The other great benefit of the lesson series is that they can be consumed as package, rather than a progression. For example, if two people wanted to go in together on a series of individual lessons , I will allow them to share the package. The three, six or ten lesson package can be used by the students according to their choice - but only one student is allowed to schedule at a time. Example: a couple wants to take lessons to brush up on the basics. They might choose a 3 - Lesson Series for Two Students, allowing plenty of time to address each student's needs personally. Then they might schedule a putting lesson, a short game sesson, and a full swing lesson to use their package.

Another example - three friends each want to take two private lessons and they want to save a few bucks. So they purchase a six lesson series, and each pitch in one third. Now they each get two discounted private lessons! If those same three people wanted to take a group lesson together at the same time - then they should consider a series for Three Students. GROUP LESSONS (which are even more affordable) are also an option.

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