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Private Instruction

Kona golf lessons A good old fashioned lesson. Private individual lessons are available by appointment and are 45 minutes in length. Private lessons are appropriate for golfers of any age and any skill level (beginners, advanced or professional). Lessons focus on any aspect of the game. One student may want to work on a specific part of their swing, while another may rely on a program provided by the pro. Private golf lessons allow the content and the style of instruction to be completely tailored to the individual learner.

Lessons can also be taken in a series of which includes a discount. A series of lessons for a beginning student can include the fundamentals of all major areas of the game. For a more advanced student, we can focus on the areas of your choice like short game or shot shaping. We can even work on the whole game utilizing game and course management strategies.

Private Lessons Include: 45 minutes of instruction for one person, and all fees for practice balls & practice facility use.

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Video Lesson Review

Video Swing Analysis

Video analysis used as a tool during most private lessons. Video Review is video record of your golf lesson including your instructor's voice, mark up and corrections. Your Video Review is uploaded to your personal on-line video locker including tips and drills. You can review your lesson, share with friends, or track your progress. Please let me know at the time you book your lesson that you would like to include the lesson review service.

Video Lesson Review - $25 per lesson.

Customized Programs

If you are interested in creating a customized individual program, please contact the me.

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