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Kristin Moreland, LPGA My Philosophy: Not all golfers have the physical ability, flexibility, or agility to have a “picture perfect” golf swing, or to play tour golf. However, most golfers have a desire to improve their game to be the best golfer they can be. Sound golf swing fundamentals are the foundation of playing good golf. Understanding course management and scoring strategies can lower the score of even the newest golfer. It is my job to combine instruction on and off course to help people in achieve their golf goals, whether to improve score, to play competitive golf, or simply to improve their ability to enjoy the game. Golf is a lifetime sport and should be shared and enjoyed between family members, friends, and associates. Golf is also a game - and should be "played".

Learning opportunities are structured in a variety of formats to meet the needs of all types of learners. Most golf lessons are 30-60 minutes in length and can be Private (1 golfer), Semi-Private and groups (up to 4 golfers), as well as clinics (up to 8 golfers). Fees are adjusted according to the length of the golf lesson, the number of golfers in the lesson, and the number of sessions in a golf lesson series. Fees are also adjusted as dictated by the host facility, i.e. fees may not remain constant from facility to facility. Please refer to the fee schedule associated with the facility where you will be learning.

Global golf lessonsV1 Golf Video Swing AnalysisAll year long you can submit video to me for analysis, tips and drills to correct your swing faults. Video analysis is also available at anytime for remote students, who don't happen to be in the same location as Kristin.

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