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Clinics and Groups - 60 Minutes / Up to 10 Students

group golf lessons and clinicsGroup Lessons provide the best value for those who are budget conscious. They are designed for a group of two (2) to six (6) students and span topics from basic fundamentals to advanced skills.

Each week Group Lessons are offered to the public and are availble on a first come, first served basis. Topics vary for each session and isolate skills and strategies needed from tee to green. Classes are offered according to skill level and experience in addition to topic. Group Lessons are sold in packages of a five lesson series or per class on an 'as available' basis. Sign up for a series or just drop in for the skills you need to focus on the most.

The general format of groups and clinics begins with an overview of the featured skill. Fundamental instruction is followed by practice and individual guidance for the remainder of the time. Students are encouraged to repeat skill practice sessions to strengthen their game as needed.

After a student has taken a private, semi- private, or group lesson in any skill area, they are entitled to participate in Supervised Practices in that skill area. These sessions accommodate a group of two (2) to ten (10) students. They provide golfers with an in-expensive way to brush up on techniques and hone their skill. "Coaching" will be provided, including drills, skills challenges, and individual technical support. Each Skill Package includes a Supervised Practice in that skill area.

The best way to make sure there will be a spot available in a group or clinic is to pre-register. Fees shown are for each golfer.

Group Lesson Packages

Packages are designed to progress students from basic fundamentals to “difference-maker” skills. A package price includes four (4) one hour Group Lessons and one (1) one hour Supervised Practice Session. Group lessons have a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of six (6) students per instructor. Supervised Practice sessions have a minimum of two (2) and maximum of ten (10) students, and may be taken concurrently with the series, or following the series. Additional supervised practice sessions may be attended at an additional fee.

Click on the Course Name to see its description.

The Putting Package includes:

  1. Putting 101: Hold, Posture, Aim & Alignment
  2. Putting 201: Developing Speed and Feel
  3. Putting 301: Making Breaking Putts
  4. Putting 401: Pressure Putting
  5. Supervised Practice: Putting

The Fairways and Teeing Package includes:

  1. Fairways 101: Fundamentals of Full Swing
  2. Fairways 201: Hybrids and "Woods"
  3. Fairways 301: Tee Shots and Driving Clubs
  4. Fairways 401: Shot Shaping Strategies
  5. Supervised Practice: Fairways and Tees

The Short Game Package includes:

  1. Short Game 101: Fundamentals of Chipping and Pitching
  2. Short Game 201: Greenside Bunker Shots
  3. Short Game 301: Creative Approach Shots
  4. Short Game 401: Wedge Wizardry - Shaping Short Shots
  5. Supervised Practice: Short Game
Kristin Moreland LPGA

Etiquette and Course Management Clinics develop awareness and techniques various "real life" topics like rules, course management, and playing strategy. Each session and isolates skills and strategies needed from tee to green that are not offered in traditional golfschool curriculum. Clinics have a two (2) person minmum and a ten (10) student maximum.

Customized Programs

If you are interested in creating a customized program for a group of 2 or more, please contact the me.

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