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Kristin Moreland, LPGA Teaching ProfessionalOne of the most important components in learning is feedback. Participating in a lesson series allows students to integrate the learning over time. Recieving feedback from the instructor helps restructure the old pattern into the new or desired pattern.

Take your game to the next level by combining the benefits of swing instruction and on-course coaching. Player Development Packages are designed to progress students from basic fundamentals to “difference-maker” skills. Packages combine lessons with on-course playing lessons to help you put it all together.

Golf Schools combine learning opportunities for several hours on the same day, or for one hour on the same day over a course of several weeks.

Whether you are an experienced player looking for lower scores, or a new golfer endeavoring to be more comfortable when playing with friends, "bundling" services into a series, a packages or golf school is the best value at a discounted rate.

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