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Playing Lessons - Maximum Two Students

Playing Lessons with Kristin Moreland Learning golf on the driving range or practice facility is a great way to develop sound swing fundamentals and fix swing faults. And – the real game of golf is played on acres and acres of rolling hills, covered with trees, water, rocks and sand – we know them as “hazards”. Going on the actual field of play with your pro can help you develop a game that holds up under the pressure of ever changing course conditions. Playing lessons can help you with aligning and aiming (avoiding trouble), negotiating awkward lies, and making smart choices about club selection and scoring opportunities. For newer golfers, playing with your pro can teach you simple courtesy and etiquette unique to golf, how to maintain pace of play, and the basic rules. Golfers of all ability and experience level can benefit from a playing lesson with their pro!

You choose the length of instruction time to include club selection, shot selection, etiquette, rules, course management and scoring.

Note: Students must pay their own green fees in addition to instructor fee.

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Video Lesson Review

Vi Swing analysisVideo analysis used as a tool during most private lessons. Review is video analysis of your golf swing including your instructor's voice, mark up and corrections. Your Review is emailed to you, including tips and drills. You can review your lesson, share with friends, or track your progress.

Video Lesson Review $25 per hour of Playing Lesson.

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