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Clinics, Workshops and Swing Schools
group golf lessons and clinics

Clinics are opportunities to expose many golfers to strategies or techniques. The format is “come one come all”. Players should expect to experience demonstration and information from the professional, and will have some opportunity to work on their new skills during the clinic.

Workshops are designed to be an opportunity for golfers to develop their skills and are formatted with more time dedicated to student participation and engagement.

Swing Schools are offered as an opportunity for continued learning with professional supervision.  Skills challenges and drill stations give players a chance to test and practice golf in more “game-like” situations. These sessions are limited to students who have taken prior private lessons with the Kristin .

The best way to make sure there will be a spot available in a group or clinic is to pre-register. In most cases - pre-registration is required.

Customized Programs

If you are interested in creating a customized program for a group of 2 or more, please contact the me.

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