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Kristin Moreland, LPGA

Private lessons are tailored to the individual needs of the student. Each lesson is designed to progress the student's skill, whether in putting, short game, full swing, or a combination of topics determined by the student. A plan for improvement is created throughout the lesson to help the student meet their unique goals for the game.

Semi-private and Group lessons provide a great value for those who do not want private lessons, or who want to share the instruction portion of a lesson with another person or group of people. Semi-private lessons are available for up to four people each session. Many people put together their own twosome, threesomes or foursomes and take their lessons with their friends, associates or family. The most effective groups are those that are comprised of golfers of similar abilities, but a homogeneous group based on ability is not required.

Virtual Lessons

Global golf lessonsV1 Golf Video Swing AnalysisAll year long you can submit video to me for analysis, tips and drills to correct your swing faults. Videoanalysisis also available at anytime for remote students,
who don't happen to be in the same location as me.

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