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Are You Interested in Improving Your Golf Game?

There is no time like the present to get started with golf lessons. Kristin Moreland teaches golf to all ages, skill levels and playing abilities in a fun-filled learning environment. Whether you are interested in group golf lessons, private lessons or a player development series, Kristin can help you make a plan that fits your game, your goals, and your golf budget!

Every part of the golf game is covered in the courses offered at Students can learn about Putting, Short Game - including Chipping and Pitching, Tee Shots, Specialty Golf Shots, and even The Rules of Golf. You can study your swing with video analysis or hone your course management with on-course playing lessons. Half Day Golf Schools help you put it all together in a single day. A Golf Lesson Series lets you spread your learning out over time. You can also mix and match different group lessons to build your own personalized series that features only on the golf skills that interest you, or that match the skills you need to improve.

Kristin's goal is to teach you how to swing or improve the swing you already have. Her philosophy: Not all golfers have the physical ability, flexibility, or agility to have a “picture perfect” swing, or to play tour golf. However, most golfers have a desire to improve their game to be the best they can be. No matter what your goals are - your golf game will not likely change unless you take the necessary steps to change it.

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